Telisha Marie



Hmmmmm let’s see, who am I really?  I have played many roles in life, but my all time favorites happen to be, the loving role of a mother, the incomparable role of a wife, an unforgetable sister, aunt and daughter, a devoted and loyal friend, but most importantly a servant and woman of GOD!  He reigns, and because he does I am able to stand or shall I say sit behind this computer today :) and share with you my Life, how I Love, and a little bit of Gossip!  I’m a Sin City girl, born and raised (for those of you who don’t know that’s Vegas baby), but my heart and soul are attached to NYC, why I’m not really sure but  for some strange reason I have loved this city since I was a litte girl! Maybe I danced in the city streets, dined in the finest restaurants, frequented the theaters or was a Wall Street stock broker in another life! Who knows and who cares! Lol! I do know though that you came to read and I’m here to write! Writing is and forever will be my passion. It was embedded in me from birth, well that and being able to hold a good argument! :) So, either I was put here on this earth to be a GREAT lawyer or a GREAT writer! Welp I don’t see myself practicing law anytime soon, so writing it is! ;) I am a realest, I speak and write from my heart whether it is agreed upon or not! It’s my opinions, my blog, my LIFE! :) I just hope you enjoy the ride! Muah!

~Telisha Marie

2 thoughts on “Telisha Marie

  1. Just fabulous! You are an awesome Woman of God and I can not wait to see where God takes you from here! The journey has just begun.

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